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Healthy Buildings

What is Sick Building Syndrome and how do you cure it?

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a condition in which occupants of a building experience health effects and discomfort that appear to be linked directly to the time spent in the building. However, no specific illness or cause can be identified. Symptoms often improve or disappear when the affected person leaves

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The benefits of HVO

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is a type of renewable diesel fuel made from vegetable oils or animal fats. The benefits of HVO are numerous and span across environmental, operational, and economic aspects: Environmental Benefits Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions: HVO can significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional diesel, contributing

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An image of the inside of a critical installation airport
Critical Installations

What are critical installations?

Critical installations refer to infrastructure, facilities, or assets that are essential for the functioning of a society, economy, or government, and whose disruption or destruction would have significant adverse effects on security, public health, safety, or economic stability. These installations are often prioritised for protection due to their importance. Examples

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