Our solutions for sick building syndrome

Lighting for Healthy Buildings

Our revolutionary lights disinfect surfaces and air by eliminating bacteria, viruses, and fungi without harming humans or animals

Our range of lighting for Healthy Buildings solve the problem of microbial contamination in indoor environments. Because they use specific wavelengths of light to disinfect surfaces and air, they eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi without harming humans or animals. So, this technology is particularly beneficial in settings where hygiene is critical, such as hospitals, schools, offices, and food processing facilities. They  provide a safer and healthier environment by continuously reducing the presence of harmful microorganisms.

Our lighting products

The House A60

The Filament A60

The GU-10

The Tube

The Linear

The Panel

The Downlight

The Bus Light

The technical details

How they work

The sanitising lighting solutions use a combination of visible spectrum wavelengths that are effective on viruses, as well as bacteria. Because they can penetrate the multi-drug-resistant bacterial biofilm and destroy it from within, they offer significant protection from viruses and bacteria.  The microbicidal action is triggered by the patented combination of frequencies within the range of the visible (non-UV) spectrum (known as the Soret band) which is scientifically proven to be harmful to viruses and bacteria, as well as other microorganisms. 

U l t r a violet V isible In f r a r ed U V C U V B U V A LIGH T S


Where they work




Social Housing


Public Transport



Case Studies

The lights in action

Reducing the bacterial load of the First Aid building of Rome airport.

Reducing the bacterial load of the changing rooms at Sampdoria FA.

Reducing the bacterial load inside public buses in Germany.

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